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Protection Tubes for Electrical Elements

INEX composite tubes are used to shield either wire-type or globar-type heating elements from falling debris, carbon build-up or other contamination which causes corrosion and/or electrical shorts.

For globar-type elements a minimum one inch (>=1”) spacing should be observed between the heating element OD and the INEX Protection Tube ID (at all points) for electrical safety and to avoid short-circuits; also please contact the element manufacturer for specific safety recommendations. Most globar-type protection tubes are Open Both Ends (OBE) without flanges or other accessories. However, INEX SER Outer Tubes with End Plugs & Flanges can be used with single-ended globar-type elements such as StarbarTM SER & TSR or GlobarTM SR.

For wire-type heating elements, please contact the element manufacturer for specific spacing and safety recommendations. Typically wire-type elements or “candles” are single-ended types using INEX SER Outer Tubes.

SAFETY CAUTION: INEX Protection Tubes are electrically conductive and can carry electrical current the same as metal protection tubes. THIS CAN CAUSE A SHOCK HAZARD unless preventative engineering measures are employed. Please consider this fact when designing the furnace mountings and installing the tubes. Also note that electrical short circuits can cause extreme localized over-heating of the tubes resulting in premature failure.

  • Si-SiC Flanges (used to mount the tubes inside the Adaptor Plates)
  • Adapter Plates (metal mounting hardware)
  • Gasket Kits
  • End Plugs 

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Note: StarbarTM is a trademark of the I-Squared-R Company Inc. 
GlobarTM is a trademark of the Kanthal Corporation.