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U-Tube Accessories


 U-Tube Furnace Survey for Mounting Design

  • Gaskets & Rope Packing Kits
  • Mounting Hardware (Packing Gland System)

This proven Packing Gland design assures reliable furnace atmosphere control and secure mounting of the U-Tube,  burner and plug recuperator (or exhaust piping). 

The Packing Gland mounting flanges are fabricated to specifically match the burner and recuperator/exhaust arrangement used. All burner and recuperator make & model details must accompany your purchase order.

Detailed Mounting Instructions for Installing U-Tubes can be found at this link. Each installation is a little different so please call us anytime with additional questions or concerns.

If desired our experienced support team can assist in mounting your new U-Tubes on-site. Whatever your installation needs, our commitment is to do everything possible to insure you achieve maximum benefit from INEX radiant tube technology.