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Straight-Wall Tubes

Innovators in Radiant Tube Technology

Long life and superior heat flux is achieved using our patented Silicon / Silicon Carbide composite earning INEX the reputation as the “Innovators in Radiant Tube Technology”. Founded in 1983, our company pioneered this affordable, advanced material now improving heat-treating operations worldwide.

Outstanding tube life means a reduction in replacement labor and material costs and, more importantly, a dramatic reduction in furnace downtime. The 2450°F (1340°C) maximum service temperature allows many furnace operators to reduce recovery and cycle times, as well as reliably operate at the higher temperatures required for stainless steel solution treating and other “extreme” processes. INEX tubes can deliver twice the heat flux, easily outperforming all metal tube alloys.

A unique manufacturing technology developed for tubular shapes makes our advanced materials competitive with conventional nickel chromium alloys. With over 40,000 in service, INEX composite radiant tubes are the best choice for your heat-treating furnace.

Our Straight-Wall Tubes are available in a variety of sizes tailored to industry needs. Please see the “Average Data by Nominal Size” table on this webpage for dimensional details on our products. 

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 Straight Tube Brochure

Straight Wall Tube Dimensions

U.S. Metric
Tube (OD) Wall
Tube (OD) Wall
2 3/8"
1/8" 60.3 mm 3.2 mm
2 3/4"
1/8" 70 mm 3.2 mm
3 1/4" 
82.5 mm 3.2 mm
3 3/4"
95.3 mm 3.2 mm
4 1/2"  3/16" 114.3 mm  4.8 mm 
5 1/8"  3/16"  130 mm 4.8 mm 
6"   13/64"  152.4 mm 5 mm 
Special customer requirements concerning size, length or wall thickness can be quoted upon request.

Straight-Wall Tubes Accessories:

  • Gaskets
  • Mounting Hardware (Bottom-Side Adaptor for replacing metal tubes)
  • Bellows (available for 2¾” & 3¼” OD Top-Side Sealing)
  • Packing Glands (Top-Side Sealing for 4½” OD tubes)